10 of the Best Kite Festivals Around the World

Kites have become a regular phenomenon around the world. From Asia to the Americas, there are hundreds of kite festivals that you shouldn’t miss. Although the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to attend kite festivals, there’s still a lot to look forward to in 2021. Here are the top five festivals that you should attend in 2021.


Barrilete Festival in Guatemala

The Sumpango town hosts an annual kite-flying festival. Here, you will see kites that are more than 20 meters wide. Kite-flying in Guatemala dates back to the period of the Mayans. The Mayans were known to use kites in religious and traditional ceremonies. They believed that kites in the sky could scare bad spirits and protect their city. This kite-flying festival is held every 1st of November.


Zilker Kite Festival

If you can’t make it to Guatemala, you should head over to Texas. The city of Austin has been organizing kite festivals for almost a century. The Zilker Kite Festival is the most famous because it features music bands and creative games. You can bring your kite from home, or you can encourage your children to design new kites. You can purchase tools from https://bestweldinghelmet.review/plasma-cutter/ that are suitable for kite making.

Alternatively, you can purchase a kite at Zilker Park at an affordable price. This is a family-friendly event where you can bring your pets and children.


The Festival of the Winds

Once you’re done with the festival in Austin, it is time to visit Australia. You will be joining more than 50,000 kite flying fans in Sydney. Kites and lots of excitement will flood the awesome beaches. Although you can bring your kite, we recommend that you purchase a kite at the venue. There will be handmade kites, food stalls, and endless entertainers at next year’s Festival of the Winds.


International Kite Festival

Next, it is time to head over to Asia. The Indian state of Gujarat is an international kite destination with regular kite festivals. One of these is the International Kite Festival happening in the final week of every year. Thousands of people flock to the Patang Bazaar, where they enjoy seven days of kite flying, traditional music, and wonderful meals.


Hamamatsu Festival

Asia is home to many music festivals, but kite festivals are taking over. The Hamamatsu Kite Festival is an annual event held in Japan every year. The event has been held for hundreds of years, and it is one of the most exciting kite festivals in the world. The Japanese are exceptional kite flyers with decades of experience. There are kite competitions where winners walk away with great prices.

Portsmouth International Kite Festival

This is one of the largest kite festivals in the United Kingdom. It features hundreds of colorfully decorated cakes. The Portsmouth Kite Festival demonstrates the United kingdom’s kite tradition and flair for creativity. Visitors will be amazed to see many kites in the sky.

The festival employs some of the latest technological advances. Some of the kite manufacturers use 3D software when they are printing the latest designs. You will be surprised to see a high structural engineering level that the kite flyers will display at the Portsmouth International Kite Festival. Each kite-flying exercise will be accompanied by interesting music.


Bali Kite Festival

The Bali kite festival is the largest in Indonesia. People come from all over the world, hoping to get immense excitement. The citizens of Bali have been flying kites for a thousand years. Although smaller kites measure five meters wide, there are massive kites with tails measuring over 100 meters. Some of these kites are so large that they can produce a sound similar to an airplane.


The Cape Town International Kite Festival

This is the largest kite festival in Africa. It is staged every year in Cape Town in South Africa. The festival is attended by more than 25,000 people from all over the world.


Cervia International Kite Festival

There aren’t many international kite festivals that happen in Europe. However, the few that do happen are a must-attend. One of these is the Cervia Kite Festival that happens every year in Italy. The Italians have no use for length and massive kites. Instead, they concentrate on creating extremely artistic kites using great details. The kites are decorated with fantasy objects, legendary characters, animals, and other figures. The festival welcomes over 50,000 people every year.


Weifang Kite Festival

The Weifang Kite Festival happens every year in the city of Weifang. Almost every kite fan has attended the festival because the city is regarded as the headquarters of kite flying. Historical records support Weifang’s historical birthplace claim.

When you visit the city, the first thing you will encounter is a kite museum. This is the largest and oldest kite museum in the world. It lists the history of kite flying over the years. Therefore, attending the Weifang Kite Festival is like going back to the roots of kite flying. You will witness massive kites, some of which will resemble dragons and centipedes.


Bottom Line

Kite flying has no age limit. If you have always enjoyed the art of kite flying, you should attend all kite festivals. We hope that most of these kite festivals will resume in 2021. It would be best if you started making your plans today.

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