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Flying Kites Global ( FKG ) is a world-renowned annual all-day kite-flying event where people of all races and nationalities converge to enjoy a whole day of family entertainment. Started in 1998 in honor of foremost kite enthusiast Frank Mots, the festival is where everyone, children and adults, gets to interact over several entertaining activities with music and refreshments to go. During this event, famous kite makers and flyers come to exhibit their skills and creativity.
After the tragic death of lead organizer Samuel L. Brien, in 2005, a few months before the year’s edition, the FKG didn’t hold for two consecutive years. However, in 2007, with well-meaning individuals, radio personalities, and sponsors, the festival came back. It has since been hosted every year.
The Flying Kites Global Festival occurs every September at the Roberts Marshall Memorial Ground, Trenton, New Jersey. It focuses majorly on family and friendship. Year after year, families and friends gather together to strengthen their relationships further and build new ones. It also focuses on fostering the creativity of children.
Since inception, the kite festival has been instrumental in bringing people together and has played matchmaking roles to over 1000 individuals, with a 95% ending in marriages. Several professional connections have also been built courtesy of this fantastic fest. The festival plays host to people from every part of the globe.

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