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A kite is a tethered object with wings, created in a way that makes it heavier than air to allow for smooth suspension and movement in the wind. It’s a human-made imitation of a hovering bird. When you see a group of adults fussing over paper kites, targeting, and hurling them into the air with wide grins on their faces, you’ll realize that there’s lots more to flying kites than just throwing them into space. It’s an activity that brings people together.

Kite making and flying are activities that attract people, both as a sport and as a tradition. Although kites’ exact origin remains a mystery, history has it that they were made and flown in China about three thousand years ago. The practice of flying kites is a popular event among the Chinese and usually takes place around April of every year.

Flying Kites Global

Flying Kites Global ( FKG ) is a world-renowned annual all-day kite-flying event where people of all races and nationalities converge to enjoy a whole day of family entertainment. Started in 1998 in honor of foremost kite enthusiast Frank Mots, the festival is where everyone, children and adults, gets to interact over several entertaining activities with music and refreshments to go. During this event, famous kite makers and flyers come to exhibit their skills and creativity.
After the tragic death of lead organizer Samuel L. Brien, in 2005, a few months before the year’s edition, the Flying Kites Global didn’t hold for two consecutive years. However, in 2007, with well-meaning individuals, radio personalities, and sponsors, the festival came back. It has since been hosted every year.

An Avenue for Skilled and Amateur

Kite Makers and Flyers

Creativity and Friendship

Performing the craft in the presence of a cheering audience. Fostering the values of creativity and friendship.

Open to All

The fest is open to individuals of all races, colors, gender, and orientations

NO Rules or Conditions

Kite makers are free to bring any display tool or equipment they wish; there’re no rules or conditions.

Best of the Best

Featuring the best of the best in the kite making world, specially invited from every part of the globe.

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