What Makes the Japanese Carp Kites special

Carp kite or koinobori is a representation of a freshwater fish in Japan with the ability to swim upstream. Contrary to the norm, this type of fish carp is strong and courageous for it can beat all the strong currents and manage to be swim against it. Japanese Kites are a special tradition that its origin dates back to the 12th century. Flying the kites was borrowed from an old Chinese culture back then but still, has relevance to date.
The warriors – Samurai- came out for war in full military gear and had the flags hanged from poles after winning a battle.

The unique things about Japanese Carp Kites Special

The Shape

The kites must be in form of the fish. Carp fish is a colorful fish that swim in the water in any direction. It has no limit even in strong currents it can swim against it to its destination.
Organizers are creative enough to ensure that apart from the fish-like kites, they also take the fish shape to make crafts and artifacts to celebrate the day in style.
If you find yourself on the Japanese streets during the month of April up to early May, you can’t fail to notice this on the streets and even the hawkers selling the ornaments.
It’s a National holiday full of color and celebrated in style.

The Color

The kites are not in one color, it’s in several colors just like the carp fish. The kites must have several colors representing the different carp fish species.
On Children’s day, the colorful flags are hanged at the entrance of every home in honor of the children.
Every child looks up to this day for its full of celebration, gifts, and parties. People come with different ideas and the children are involved in the making of the fish-like kites in honor of their day.

Cultural Representation

Flying the colorful kites was a month-long event that started in April and ended in May. It was in honor of the Children’s day Kodomo no Hi.
The fish kites represented Carp fish who could do anything underwater to ensure it goes upstream either for food or to get the sun to bask.
It was symbolic of the children. It was to instill a spirited fighting culture. In short, it encouraged the children to be warriors and face life with its horns.

Historical connection

The flags were hanged in celebration of the boy’s day referred to as Tango No Sekku. The theme for the day was to encourage the boys to grow into strong and courageous men ready to face any battle including challenges in life.
However, in the First World War, the representation changed to include all the girls and children as a whole. That was the origin of children’s day.

Fish Flag

Ideally, we are used to having a rectangular if not a square shape flag. Japanese Carp Kites special takes the shape of a fish.
As if that is not enough, it’s a day you can’t fail to see fish flags not in administrative offices but in front of Japanese houses to preach perseverance and courage to the young generation.
It’s a tradition that dates back to many centuries ago. The colorful fish flags are a symbol of the unique colored carp fish found in the Japanese waters.

Used on many other occasions

Japanese Carp Kites special is like a trademark if not a brand in the Japanese culture. Therefore, any other occasion that had to do with culture includes the carp kites.
It is even seen as themes of different weddings including anniversaries. Some communities prefer to use it to commemorate some of the other national holidays.
That’s an indication of its relevance and significance in the community. It passes the message from one generation to the other.
A visit to Japan welcomes you to a home of tradition and customs. Everything that is unique in this country is emulated in their cultural celebrations including the corporate events. That explains why UNESCO rates it among the topmost countries with a rich history and culture of their tradition.

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