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logo-big2In the Central Highlands of Kenya, Flying Kites raises children who have lost their families and invests in families before they lose their children. Join us.

  • Join Us on an Adventure

    Take a Flying Kites adventure to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu and Everest Base Camp...

  • Volunteer in Kenya

    Join our team in Kenya through a multi-faceted ambassadorship; combining advocacy, fundraising, and time spent at our home and school. The Ambassador Program invites...

  • Sponsor a Child

    Sponsoring a child at Flying Kites is a meaningful way to support our work and build a lasting relationship with a child in our care. To sign-up, please select the level...

We believe in children.

whatever it takes.


"The ongoing failure to respond to the orphan crisis will have grave implications not just for the children themselves, but for their communities and nations." - Carol Bellamy, UNICEF

  • Partnerships

    We connect families to resources through our nonprofit, public + corporate partnerships

  • Home

    We provide a safe and loving home to orphaned children who were homeless or abused

  • Scholarships

    We provide scholarships for secondary + university education

  • Grants

    We help families build houses, improve living conditions + purchase goods and services

  • Outreach

    We help farmers access training, join cooperatives + increase their profits

  • You

    Your support matters, it can change the course of a life. Click here + become part of the solution



Impact, updates, and inspiration. As told by the Flying Kites community.


Flying Kites Leadership Centre



PO Box 259 Njabini, Kenya

1 Bridge Street
Newton, MA 02458

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